Color Palette Blog Walk Day!

It’s Color Palette Blog Walk Day, and if you’re new here, hello and welcome!

What is a Color Palette Blog Walk? It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and artists who love color like me, and a chance to see color through someone else’s eyes. Plus, it’s also an excuse to make color palettes, which I’m always up for (and constantly trying to get people to do with me).

Today is round three, and this time around, CPBW participants are sharing palettes inspired by joy. I’m curious if people associate colors with emotions the way I do, and if so, what colors will pop up.

As I was putting together palettes this post, one particular color did stand out for me. It seems I do have a color for joy, and that color is yellow. Bright yellows, orange-y yellows, soft yellows – so long as there’s a shade of yellow in there, I seem to be happy (and vice versa). Or deep, strong greens; I seem to relate positively to both. The yellow isn’t such a surprise, but the green is. Who knew?

Here’s what brings me joy:


Birthday flowers: Last year, my sister sent me with a birthday flower cupcake (a birthday flower cupcake! How awesome is that??), and this year, she sent me a beautiful bouquet with roses and lilies. Even though they have since molted all over the coffee table (my green thumb is non-existent, sorry, Sis), getting surprise flowers are so awesome and pretty.


Low apertures: Low apertures, or shallow depths of field, are so beautiful to me. I love the blurs, I love the sharp focus on one spot. I love focusing on the details in the world I see around me, and eliminating everything else. So, I grabbed my new lens, a willing participant, and had some fun playing with my aperture the other day.


A first: For both my niece and nephew, it’s important to me to be there as much as possible. This was especially true during their first year. Anybody who has children or is around children know how much they grow in their first years, and frankly, I didn’t want to miss it. So, I spent their first months at home with them and my sister; then every month after for both of their first years, I was back on a plane to New York to see them. As my business grew, I couldn’t be there as much, but I’m there for most of their “firsts”. First steps, first food, first word, first time out (which, strangely enough, I was the one to put them in), first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays. And, in this photo, the first day of kindergarten for my niece.

I know it’s hard to see, but my nephew was just as excited as my niece was for her first day. He insisted on walking her to the bus, and just as she was climbing on board, he yelled, “Have a great first day, Sissy! Love you!” She yelled back, “Love you, too!” and headed off on her first day of school. Seriously, they are so flipping cute.


Books: I’m a reader, always have been. Childhood wasn’t easy for me, and books allowed me an escape. It taught me how to imagine worlds that weren’t my own, and how to dream. So, I’m never without a book to read, and books make me flat-out happy. Walking into a Barnes & Noble, or curling up with a book for a few hours, gives me such a buzz.


Sparkly toes: Because aren’t they such a kick? Looking down and seeing fun nail polish is such a little boost of happiness.


I love that you stopped by today (thank you!), but I’m not the only one sharing color palettes. Please also visit my fellow bloggers and see what colorful goodness they’ve got on their blogs.

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What about you? What’s the color of your joy?


17 Responses to Color Palette Blog Walk Day!

  1. So much gorgeousness Brandi! I think my favourite palette is the one you’ve put together for books, but my favourite photo is definitely the beautiful yellow rose for low aperture. I adore shallow depth of field images too!

  2. I’ve long wondered what the “CPBW Round 3” symbol I was seeing on blogs was all about! I’ve just visited the sites and what spectacular photos and studies of color! I hope you continue hosting this!

  3. Thank you for reminding me, I love books and low aperture, too! Those palettes caught my eye for that reason, I guess..but also for the lovely sunny yellows.
    Love your birthday palette, too. Thank you for organising this once again Brandi…I enjoy it immensely and it’s so wonderful to see everyone’s interpretation.

  4. Up until the toes, I was thinking, “Oooo, Brandi’s going for Yellow!!” Which you did, of course… and that green on your toes definitely has more yellow than blue in the color. 😉

    Gorgeous photos and awesome palettes! Stunning! You rock, Girl. Thanks for hosting another blog walk!! They’re always so much fun!!


  5. Brandi – First – Thank You for hosting such a wonderful blog hop! I’m so happy I stumbled upon the link from Kerry’s blog and was in time to participate for this round. I too have a fondness for color, texture, pattern and they way they make you feel… It is so important to spend time with family and I am delighted to see that you make so much effort to be part of your niece & nephew’s life. You get to glimpse all that new excitement and share in the laughter – simply perfect!

    Low aperture photos are one of my favorites too – and sparkly toe nail polish (mine is usually a more metallic teal or purple, but I think I own almost every color :). I am so happy to have a place to connect my color palettes with your blog hop. Makes me feel a little less crazy knowing that there are others out there that have a passion for color palettes too!

  6. Brandi, thank you for hosting another fun Color Palette Blog Walk. I hope to participate again in the future, as long as you’ll have me (because I know I’m a pain). 🙂
    Your photos are always so, so stunning. The yellows are just so vibrant…and in your birthday bouquet, that yellow rose is absolutely perfect. You and your sister sound so close, it is heartwarming. And what a sweet Auntie you are to make it to so many firsts in your niece and nephew’s lives….and if I remember correctly, it’s quite a hike for you to visit them!
    Your sparkly green toes are so cute! I need to break out of safe colors next summer and really add some spark! My toes will be covered up for some time now that it is boot season!
    Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the participant’s color palettes as well.

  7. Well, what can one say about your photos and color palettes other than they are as spectacular as always. I mean really! Just stunning. I love the story about your niece’s first day of kindergarten. What a pair of sweeties! And what a great aunt you are. And books! I’m lost without a book to read and libraries to visit.

    Thanks for hosting the blog hop. It’s been great fun seeing the work of everyone participating. And finding a new community of fellow designers and artists. And thanks for everything that you do for us.


  8. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful blog hop. Speaking of the color of joy–it is a real joy to see everyone’s marvelous color palettes and to read their stories. Many of us mentioned our families. It is such a blessing to be a part of a young child’s life. Your niece and nephew are lucky to have you for an auntie! That luscious yellow rose just takes my breath away! And why didn’t I think to add books to my list of joys? Big omission! I think the books are my favorite color palette.

  9. Brandi, I had just written a blog entry about color inspiration I was planning to post today. I considered pulling when I saw your event announcement this morning, but decided to run my post and include an announcement about your event with it! Hope you don’t mind! Again, the results are all really inspiring! Thanks again for this event!

  10. I love your photos brandi and their colour palettes, as well as each little story that went with them. Pic 2 is my favourite. I have been looking forward to today to visit all the beautiful colour palettes.
    This is such a great idea.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  11. ah the joy ! Im speechless..just overwhelmed by the color ! I love the sparkly toes..whoever thought a color palette inspired by toenails would bring me so much joy !!

  12. Hi Brandi! I’m new here but I will not be a stranger, I promise! I love this color blog walk idea! How very interesting! I’ve been playing with color palettes all morning and just happened to read a blog by Linda, who is participating. Love your palettes. Guess my fav is the FIRST. What a great momento shot!

  13. BOOKS! I love that shot. And I obviously have a lot of work to do on my color palettes, but I’m really inspired by them and am proud of myself for tackling this project. THANK YOU for introducing this to my world!