Color Palette #83 :: Birthday

I had a different post in mind today, one with old baby pictures of yours truly, to celebrate the day. But my scanner didn’t get the memo that it was my birthday and decided to be testy with me. Rather than fight with it (the nerve), I thought I’d share some photos I took with a birthday gift I got earlier this week – a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens (thanks, Mom!).

The other post was pretty funny, though. There were photos of me stuffing my face with cake and photos of me walking around pants-less as a baby because I refused to put any on. You missed out, internets, so blame the scanner.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with my new lens (if it sounds familiar, I first mentioned it here), but early tests have me smiling. I like the wide open aperture and the super shallow depth of field (I love that everything looks a little dreamy and blurry). I have to admit, it’s funny having a fixed lens – I keep trying to zoom in! It’s also an adjustment to remember to sit back in order to get it to focus, because I’m so used to leaning forward and adjusting my lens. I’ll be taking it out to the state fair this weekend, so here’s hoping I can learn on the fly.

I’m taking off the rest of the day, and tomorrow, too. My boss said it was okay. See you Monday!



Don’t forget, my Birthday Sale is still going on!

10 Responses to Color Palette #83 :: Birthday

  1. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BRANDI! I am celebrating you today! I think I will go put on my Catiesblue necklace to remind me of you!

    I love this new lens. I want one. Spill the beans, because I am all about the macro. Is this a macro? What is a fixed lens? I am jealous! I guess I should go read that other post now. 😉

    I hope you do share those pantless photos (as a baby. Of course, if there were pantlessness during this birthday I think that is generally not as charming as when you are one;-)

    Happy, happy day!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. happy happy day friend! you young-in. barely even thirty!!! i am thirty four going on thirty five now. trust me, the thirties are the best so far. can’t speak for after that. oh, and you are not off the hook just yet for those baby photos… lol! have a fabulous day.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful and involved your favorite flavor of cake! I agree…you’re not off the hook. We want to see cute baby photos!!!
    And oh my goodness, I LOVE these photos and the rich color palettes you created. I think you and your new lens are fast friends. Can’t wait to see some pictures from the fair! Have FUN!!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have/had a wonderful day!

    These palettes are gorgeous as always, and I love the photos. The lens sounds interesting – I’m looking at putting a lens on my xmas wish list, could be one to investigate…

    ps. I hope you do the post you were planning to do when your scanner starts behaving again, it sounds like lots of fun!

  5. I’m excited for your birthday! If you were on Facebook, I could send you one of my birthday cake photos!

    PS, I want everything in the photos. They’re all beautiful. And why don’t you live closer to me? It’s just not fair.

  6. Happy birthday, Brandi. Since it’s your birthday week, I’m not sure which day is your actual birthday. Is it the 13th? (Mine is the 20th.) I agree with the other ladies. I’d love to see the baby photos. Love the color palettes. So, so rich and luscious.