Color Palette Blog Walk – Round Three Sign Ups

Hello, friends! It’s time for another Color Palette Blog Walk!

If you’ve never heard of or taken part in a Color Palette Blog Walk, it’s where we create color palettes, post them on our own blogs, then hop around to see what everybody made. Simple, right?

If you’ve participated before, the biggest change for Round 3 is that everyone will post on the same day, October 21st. But just like in Round 2, I’m going to ask that any photos you use as inspiration are taken by you (or a loved one).

Now as far as themes go, the theme last time was “What inspires you?” This time, I’d love to know “What’s the color of your joy”? I think that’s a pretty open topic, and it can be photos and palettes devoted to whatever makes you happy and brings a smile to your face – your art, your family, that funny little trinket a friend gave you that one time – whatever you want.

Here are the details:

  • Round 3 will be only one day, Friday, October 21st.
  • Participants will have just one post to do.
  • In your post, I’d love to see palettes of things that bring you joy.
  • Don’t forget to include the list of participants in your post! (I’ll email this next week.)
  • You can have as many palettes as you want, so long as you take the photos yourself.
  • You have until Saturday, October 1st to sign up here. [Sign ups closed!]

Once you sign up, feel free to take your photos, make your palettes, and work on your post from now until posting day. Are you excited? I am!



Can anybody participate?

Absolutely! Feel free to share and pass along this information via your own blogs or tweets. You can guide people to this specific post if they have any questions.


Why do I have to sign up?

That’s so I can send out a list of participants to everyone ahead of time. If you want to participate and don’t sign up, that’s fine; but people might not know to come visit your blog on posting day.


How do I make a color palette?

For Round 2, I made a free color palette template, which you can grab here and customize to your taste. If that doesn’t work for you, I shared how I made them here, so check that out and see if those instructions can get you started. If you don’t have the time to make your own, you can check out my digital shop, Freshly Hued, where I’ve got several color palettes for purchase (though that is not a requirement!).


What if I don’t have Photoshop?

I’ve tried several different palette generators out there. The problem with all of them is that they don’t really give you an option to download your photo with a palette on it. So, if you don’t have either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, email me and let’s see if I can make one for you (be prepared to share what colors you see in your photo).


I have a lot of things that make me happy right now. Do I need to choose?

Nope, not if you don’t want to. Feel free to make as many palettes as you like, then share them all on your posting day. The only catch is that you use photos you’ve taken yourself.


What should my post include?

Besides the palettes and the list of participants, I’m going to leave this open to you and what you feel comfortable with. You could share what about your palettes bring you joy, why you chose to photograph what you did, or anything that comes to mind. You can see past examples of what people posted here.


This is Round 3. Where are Rounds 1 and 2?

Round 1 is right herehereherehere, and here. Round 2 has it’s own page right here.


Is there a button I can grab?

Yep. Feel free to use this one (sized at 200 pixels square) or grab the banner at the top of the post. Just right click and Save As to save it to your hard drive.


Did I miss anything? Still have a question? Email me.


9 Responses to Color Palette Blog Walk – Round Three Sign Ups

  1. Count me in! I need another challenge and my one show will be done by then. Plus I need an excuse to get my Freshly Hued on! I keep forgetting that I have all that stuff from you (and hope it survived my computer crashing last month!).
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Is it too late? It’s too late! I love your color palette blog walks! Bummed that sign ups were while I was on vacation. 🙁

    Looking forward to checking it out… I’ll probably still do a drop in, ha ha! xox

  3. I was so excited to find your site through Lori’s Pretty Things Blog ~ I’ll look forward to the next, as I’ve missed this one ~ would love to be involved if any chance of it…I love your color palette concept and it’s great to have you coordinate this challenge and help us think outside my comfort colors ~ Having fun checking out the past participants…some pretty amazing palettes! I ‘m starting a folder of my favorites 🙂