Color Palette #78 :: Shades of Peach

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A while back, I mentioned that I was enamored with peach, and a browse through some recent Pinterest pins reminded me why. It’s such a fresh, lovely color, and I keep seeing it everywhere I look (and it inevitably reminds me of Jess, who is a super sweet friend). So, I wanted to try something a little different for today’s color palette and showcase a few colorful finds.

This has got to be my favorite color combo with peach. How about you?


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7 Responses to Color Palette #78 :: Shades of Peach

  1. Brandi-
    Shirley (my best friend and partner in blogging) and I both started following you at different times without each other knowing… We love following your blog. You have a wonderful eye for the for making simple things beautiful. You really do capture them for what they are and add your own artistic spin. So now we both follow you by e-mail and enjoy watching the color you bring to life! Love the peach! -Laverne (

  2. Cindy says:

    What a gorgeous combination, Brandi! I never thought of peach this way & now I can appreciate this color even more.

  3. Complete and total yum!

  4. I am not peach person, but when it comes with grey I find it gorgeous.


    P.S. Your palette are always great!

  5. Shari says:

    Ooooo… so fresh and pretty! I’ve been loving peach lately, too! I love the range of colors you picked! That dress is so cute!

  6. Hi Brandi!

    I found you via Shari’s blog and I just love all the inspiration you have going on here. I will follow you on all the different social media formats so I don’t miss anything!

    Love this peach palette! I will go so I can cruise around here more ;-)

  7. Susan Gower says:

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