Color Palette #67 :: Good Things

Photo and palette by me

Good things that happened this week:

* The waiting is over, and everybody’s health is A-OK!! I cannot tell you how infinitely relieved I am about this.

* My ebook, An Artist’s Guide to Pricing, hit the 1,100+ downloads mark. Not only is that awesome, it’s all due to readers like you. You all have been talking and I can’t even tell you how amazed (and flattered!) I am by that. Thank you!

* I got over my fear of WordPress and website hosting, and have started learning how it all works. I’m even beginning to understand CSS! Look at me, being all technical.

* Babies were born!

* I have new items made and photographed.

* My niece and nephew sang me a Happy Easter song they made up (just switch out “birthday” for “Easter”, then sing Happy Birthday).

* I broke down and bought a new external hard drive (the old one was full), and backed up my files. I can now breathe easier that the majority of my stuff is safe.

* I realized I don’t mind brown when it’s not the dominant color I see.

* I didn’t injure myself. It’s the little things.


What good things happened this week for you?

6 Responses to Color Palette #67 :: Good Things

  1. You're so good at allowing yourself to celebrate! I tend to simply move along without taking the time to pat myself on the back. I learn a lot from you 🙂

    What good things happened to me this week? I made it home safely from my trip. And everyone was sufficiently impressed with the jewelry I made in class.

  2. I am so glad to hear that everything worked out on the health front. Thank you for sharing your 'something good' with us today!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Brandi, I am SO happy to hear positive news on the family health-front. So very relieved and happy for you.
    Thanks for sharing all the good things going on….and glad to hear the twins were born. Lots of good things going on!

  4. Yayyyy!!!! That’s awesome news! A lot of great news to carry you thru the week!

    For me, um, I’m healthy!! Yay! And today I finished my video that I was working on and like it. 🙂 My sister and Keith like it, too, so that’s awesome!

    Have a wonderful rest of your week!!