New to the shop :: 3-22-2011

Knotted Earrings – Stripes

Knotted Earrings – Blue

These two pairs of earrings make me smile, mostly because they started off frustrating me. I had an idea in my head, but nothing was working. In the midst of a hissy fit, I scrambled up the wire… and ta-da! Inspiration hits. Little tangled knots appeared, and I ran with it. I’ve done these wired beads before, so it was fun to bring back that technique. With silver being a little expensive right now, and with this design requiring more wire than I realized, future earrings in this style may have to be a special order, but they are great for every day.

Isn’t it funny how right when you’re not sure anything is going to work, something actually does? Well played, universe, well played.

2 Responses to New to the shop :: 3-22-2011

  1. That is a happy accident indeed! I love them. Ever tried copper? Oxidized copper is probably my favorite of all metals. Love how the swirls of wire mimic the swirls in the glass. So pretty.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I've tried copper a couple of times, but never really committed to it. I guess I'm just a silver girl!