Color Palette Blog Walk – Round 2!

Hello friends!! I’m back from my week off (though I’m giving serious reconsideration to the way I use the term “relaxing” – half of me didn’t get the memo). I missed you guys last week, though I tried to pop in and follow along with what everybody’s been doing. Did you miss me?

Anyway, I’m back, and guess what? It’s that time again – Color Palette Blog Walk time!

This week, 20 bloggers will be sharing photos we’ve personally taken, and the color palettes we turned them into. Four people will post per day for the next five days (four times the fun, in my opinion). I am so excited for this week, and have been looking forward to it since everybody signed up! So, let’s get started shall we?

Here’s what inspires me:

Architectural details. I’m a sucker for them. Knobs, arches, trims, nifty doors – I love them so much that I had an entire series of paintings in college about them.

Textures. I can’t get enough of textures on photos. They can give such an extra punch to a photo, and really add to the mood, don’t you think?

Geometrical shapes. I’m a Libra, so I’m pretty obsessed with balance, and right now, I’m completely enamored with geometrical shapes and angles, and especially the facets you find on gemstones. I’m actually trying to bring this into my jewelry right now; once I get the techniques finalized and honed, I’ll share it.

Aqua and green/Photoshop actions. This palette is actually a two-fer. A favorite color combo is aqua and olive green – I use it a lot (clearly), and I just flat out love the way they look together. Dark, light, medium, it doesn’t matter; they are so pretty. And this happy color combo came out in this photo thanks to a Photoshop action. If you aren’t familiar with actions, they are a set of predetermined layers and techniques that you “run” in Photoshop to transform a photo. Just like textures, I really love the look you can get with them, and how they can turn an ordinary photo like this one into something interesting.

Borosilicate beads. Is there any wonder why? They are so colorful, and I really love how each is a little piece of art in and of itself. No way could I ignore the influence these have had on me.

Hawaii. No way could I leave this one off the list, either. I’m totally inspired by Hawaii because not only is it always going to be home to me, it’s where I go to truly relax (see, that’s my problem – I didn’t go to Hawaii last week!). I spend the eight hour flight from Dallas feeling like there’s a weight on my chest, and at the first glimpse of the islands out the window, it lifts and disappears. I feel like a calmer, happier person when I’m in Hawaii, and since I never made it back there last year, I’m feeling pretty desperate to go soon (I blame Dave Conrey and his lovely, beachy prints).

Now, don’t stop with me! My blog hop buddies today are Erin at Treasures Found, Jen at Jenn Judd Rocks, and Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life. Hop on over and see what inspires them!

And in case you’re curious, here’s the full schedule of blog hoppers:

Monday, Feb. 28th
Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog — You Are Here!
Erin at Treasures Found
Jen at Jen Judd Rocks
Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life

Tuesday, March 1st
Karen at Creative Thoughts and Inspirations
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Lyn at Lyn Foley Jewelry Blog

Wednesday, March 2nd
Jescalyn at Peach Honey Love
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Katrina at Ma Joie Press
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Thursday, March 3rd
Christie at Displaced Urbanite
Rachel at TatterBeans
Brittany at The Home Ground
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Friday, March 4th
Rachel at Balanced Crafts
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Kristy at Simply Shiny Blog

20 Responses to Color Palette Blog Walk – Round 2!

  1. gosh, they are all so beautiful, Brandi!

    I think my fav is that teal and green one. I'm just drawn to those colours. I'm a libra, too. Maybe it's a libra thing? 😛

    Looking forward to sharing mine on Friday! yay, blog walk!!

  2. Thanks, Rach!! Maybe it is a Libra thing? Maybe we're both just obsessed with the ocean?

    Can't wait to see yours!!

  3. Brandi, I loved your color palettes today…I knew I would. I think I gasped at the pale colors in the texture shot of the teacup (love that pale vintage look!), and the blues of the ocean. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon, and I sure hope to make it back some day (that was a long time ago). Thank you for all of your inspiration and putting this together. I'm looking forward to seeing more palettes throughout the week.

  4. I'm a first time visitor to your blog, via Cindy Wimmer. Terrific blog, here! Would have loved to have been in on the Color Palette walk…I'm thinking about being a rouge participant. I'll link back to you, if I do!

  5. Awesomeness! I love the way your colors in the palette have a texture. I didn't get so funky, stayed with your template, but I would like to try that some time. And what are actions? I am not sure I understand. I didn't have the time to run around and take separate pictures, but I did take all the jewelry photos I used. I love seeing what inspires people and especially the way they view the world. Thank you so much for letting me play along with you! This was fun. Let's do it again!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Oh my gosh… so many photos and palettes that I love! The delicate tea cup… the concrete water bowl… I also love those colors! The beads.. those colors are amazing. Seriously! I love the combo of warm & cool in that palette! And the awesome range of blues/blue green in the ocean photo are so relaxing. The green in the photo of Hawaii's city view (Waikiki?) is so rich, with that lovely pale blue and the neutrals, it works on a lot of different levels for me. Thank you so much for these, as well as hosting this amazing blog walk!!

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! This was a lot of fun – I hope you guys enjoyed it, too (both visiting and/or participating)!

  8. Your blog is always inspiring, Brandi. Thank you for creating the palette walk, and your plattes as usual are so beautiful. It is difficult to single one out, they are all tasty.

  9. I love them all! Having a new camera has actually really opened my eyes up to see things differently and wonder how I can capture them and keep them for inspiration. I have been obsessed lately with architectural details, too. I love experimenting with focal points and perspective with close-up shots. I actually just opened up my new Mac for the first time this evening so I'm looking forward to upgrading to Photoshop and learning the layering and editing potential there. Can't wait to follow you more and see where we all go!
    Thanks for hosting this week. 🙂

  10. Brandi, thanks so much for your inspirational photos. I love them all, they are all so unique . Love the palette of the ocean shot and I am mad about those boro bead colors, they just talk to me!
    Must get some!!
    The cup is so delicate, who would have known all those colors were there at first glance?
    This is such fun, I hope you are going to do it again down the track!

  11. Brandi,

    Your palettes literally make me swoon a bit.

    The textures really add to the look and wow, wow, wow.

    Thanks for putting this great blog walk together!


  12. Lovely photos and palettes. I think I need some borosilicate beads. It never occured to me to "play" with the photos in photoshop before making the palettes. I think the teacup photo is my favourite, but my favourite palette is from the beads.

  13. You're a Hawaii person too! I feel strangely excited that you've not only been to Hawaii, but feel the need to return. That's exactly how my fiance and I feel. Why we're getting married there, why we're seriously talking about moving there. Which island do you stay on?

    I love the teacup image, btw. Beautiful lack of color. If that makes sense?

  14. I'm not a Libra but I'm still drawn to the teal and green too! Taurus is an earth sign, maybe that explains it?

    I love love love this idea and project. I get inspired in photography but I never think to look to my photos for outfit or color inspiration. It's a really interesting way to incorporate things that you love.

  15. Okay, your palettes are seriously inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and colors! I really love the variety- some are inspired by nature with soothing colors, while others are inspired by art and jewelry- with bright colors. Awesome.

  16. would like to know if the colors that you have with the tea cut are paint colors and if so brand and name please.