52 Colors :: Week 1

This teacup is from my mom’s formal china set, and is in pristine condition because no one was ever allowed to use it. I never even knew she had a formal china set (we aren’t really formal people) till I was a teenager and watched my sister register for china for her wedding. Mom’s set is from Japan, so there isn’t a traditional saucer, despite having a traditional teacup. It does, however, come with saki cups and wasabi/chopstick holder plates, which I kind of love.

I went with this soft gray/blue color for week 1 because it’s so calming, and a perfect, quiet color for winter, don’t you think?


This post is part of my 52 Colors Project. You can see all of the posts here.

10 Responses to 52 Colors :: Week 1

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Beautiful colors!

  2. Belinda Saville says:

    What a lovely colour, Brandi. I love soft, muted grays…they are so serene. Beautiful!

  3. Stephanie Ryan says:

    That is a beautiful cup! Love the color.

  4. Kristi says:

    I love this teacup! It's so unique and beautiful. The color is perfect for winter…soft and quiet.

  5. Brandi says:

    Thanks ladies! I'm in love with that color right now.

  6. Julia says:

    The color is lovely, very calm. And I love that teacup!

  7. Eileen says:

    Beautiful! I love it, the color and the china! Oh gosh, it reminds me of my parents set, a Noritake silver rose, very similar in the grey and silver. It was our dinner china and we used it all the time. I remember not being very fond of it when I was growing up, but now that my mom's older…and I'm older :), I love it!
    Happy New Year, Brandi!

  8. shari says:

    Gorgeous! Simple and divine. I love the cup, with its nature themed design… so pretty!

  9. Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock says:

    It *is* a lovely teacup. Shame your mom doesn't use it more often. I think things like that should be used and enjoyed more than they are… Otherwise, what's the purpose of having it if just to look at them? :(

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