30 Before 30

I’ve heard from quite a few people that while your twenties are good, your thirties are awesome. Here’s hoping that with age maybe comes a little wisdom and a lot of grace.

I am neither afraid or reluctant about turning 30; in fact, I’m the exact opposite. My motto has been something along the lines of “Get me there as quick as you can, please, because I feel like I’m just about to hit my stride!” I don’t know how I know, but I feel like good things are coming. The last nine years have been full of growth, awkwardness, and self-discovery – three things that aren’t necessarily always pleasant – on top of health scares in my family (no worries, everyone’s just fine now). I’m hoping the next decade will be full of adventure and more ups than downs than the last decade had (is that selfish?).

But before the big day comes in October, I really want to celebrate being 29 right now with a 30 Before 30 list (or, should I say, savor this age? I know, I know, really bad pun, sorry). I have a just over 41 weeks till my 30th birthday, so it might be a little intense, but I think I’m up for this kind of personal challenge!

1. Go to a museum I’ve never been to before
2. Explore a part of NYC I’ve never been to before
3. Explore a part of Los Angeles I’ve never been to before
4. Explore a part of Dallas I’ve never been to before
5. Explore a part of Honolulu I’ve never been to before
6. Visit a city I’ve never been to before
7. Read 30 books
8. Bake my own homemade bread
9. Have an Art Day with my niece and nephew
10. Have a wine tasting night
11. Cuddle a baby
12. Completely unplug for a week
13. Have a “Turning 30” dinner party with friends (most are also turning 30)
14. Host a Virtual Vacation Week
15. Take a photography class
16. Try a craft I’ve never attempted before
17. Bake my own blueberry muffins… from scratch
18. Have a spa day
19. Have a fancy brunch at a fancy restaurant
20. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
21. See my work in a national magazine
22. Go see a local theater show
23. Learn a new jewelry technique
24. Move to my own website
25. Make my own digital photo layouts (for future photo books)
26. Try yoga
27. Declutter my life
28. Build a piece of furniture
29. Get that e-book finished
30. Teach an art class

I spent the better part of yesterday brainstorming this list (I honestly had no idea that it would take so long – I was stuck at 22 for the longest time). I’d love to look back in October and say that I’ve done every single one of these, but a few might change depending on time and funds (like those trips to California and Hawaii – we’ll have to see if they become a reality!). If they do have to change, I’ve got substitutes!

Anybody else doing a personal challenge this year? An 11 in 2011 or a 30 Before 30? I think it’d be fun to keep tabs on everyone’s progress, see how things are going. What do you think?

10 Responses to 30 Before 30

  1. Wow that list is so very ambitious! Especially considering the time frame. I love that!! Reading 101 books?! Oh my goodness. I feel sort of embarassed to say I probably would have a hard time meeting a goal of reading 10 in that time! 🙂 I never know how to choose what books to read when I'm not supposed to judge them by their covers!
    Best of luck cherishing and savoring your time before 30. I feel good about 30 too so I'm glad I'm not the only one who is going to embrace it 🙂

  2. I love your list. But I'm not going to attempt a birthday list. 59 before 59? Uh, no….

  3. This is such a cool idea! I love your list! So many fun things to do – looks like you have a fun year planned. I would love to make a list of things to do this year, not tied to an age, just for fun. Have a blast checking these off your list!

  4. I did one of these lists before Christmas. It was supposed to be 24 but I only came up with 21… Managed to cross off 12 + 3 that were partially done, and boy is it nice to have a look at that list and see things actually getting done!

    I'm totally up for another list, but I still need to write it. I'll check back here later with the link 🙂

  5. First of all, Happy Birthday!

    Secondly, you're just a baby! I cried when I turned 30, but it turned out to be the BEST time ever!! The Dirty Thirties are the absolute best! You know who you are, most of your insecurities seem irrelevant, and you are your own person at last! I love your list, also….I can honestly say that I think I've done a lot of the things on your list! I will always be 30 at heart! Time to make my own list!

  6. Thanks, guys! It's going to be fun. I meant to post this a couple months ago, but then life got in the way. So, I've already got a head start on a couple things!

  7. Sweet list. And love the idea. I just turned 29 in July so I am very much feeling this idea. Thirty. Man. We’re all grown up!

    <3 Lauren