Week 50 :: Celebrate a success


There’s something really magical about being surrounded by fellow artists. That energy that everyone feeds off of and gives to, that sense of community and belonging. That’s what I missed the absolute most when I graduated college – suddenly, my community was gone. I didn’t know how much I respected it and flourished in it till I didn’t have it anymore. It shouldn’t have come as a shock; I knew I was graduating. But what I didn’t realize is how bittersweet graduating was; beyond having a degree, it meant leaving a community (or getting abruptly thrown out in a cap and gown, whichever).

Friends and family are great supporters, but there’s something a little extra special about connecting with another artist, don’t you think? They just get it. Luckily, thankfully, I’ve connected with fellow artists over the last three and a half years. This year especially has been amazing as far as community goes. 
I know this is just a blog sitting out in the interwebs, not a forum or a site, and it’s not a “community” in the traditional sense. But I’m definitely feeling blessed to have found a missing piece of my own art experience here. That’s maybe, probably, the thing I feel is my biggest success this year – connecting you guys.

Keeping that in mind, I posed this question on Twitter: What’s one success you’ve had this year? Here’s a few awesome responses:

Candy from @CandiedFabrics: 3 magazine articles! Those led to TV apperances and more articles in the pipeline!

Amanda from @PrimandPropah: Getting a blog up and running!

Jescalyn from @PeachHoneyLove: Cut back my hours at work, feeling more inspired than ever, & started video blogging and have increased my presence on the web.

Michelle from @Michabella: I’ve had my busiest holiday season to date. 🙂

Aren’t those awesome? So, your turn: what’s one success you’ve had this year?

This post is part of a series for my 52 Weeks challenge, inspired by the 52 Weeks to Blogging Your Passion ebook by Tara Gentile. Grab a copy and join me!

7 Responses to Week 50 :: Celebrate a success

  1. Getting a book contract with North Light to publish the first book on torch-fired enamel, release date August 2011. Thrilling!

  2. Winning first place in the category Under $25 for Bead Star. I haven't seen it yet but I can't wait to share that with everyone!
    And I do feel that I have found a missing piece as you have said. This is a community and I don't care if I have 5 followers or 5,000. It is a group of likeminded individuals sharing and creating and caring together. Thank you so much for being part of my network, my tribe. I feel blessed beyond compare for that friendship.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Brandi, I love this post! I am going through the exact same thing with community. I knew during my last year at CCS that I would miss, more than anything else, the community. I fretted over it, I savored my moments on campus. And still, I wasn't quite prepared for it.

    Luckily, I'm still friends with a lot of my classmates and have visited campus a few times. I'm thinking about taking a CE class, which would help so much.

    I think I'm still floating around in the blog world, waiting to find my roots. That's what I'm really hoping my new website does for me. Create a second community.

  4. Getting a book contract is a personal one, but probably my favorite and most heartwarming success is finally finding the right school for my son. It took so much time and research and flat-out luck that I walk out of that place every day after dropping him off thanking my lucky stars for that success!

  5. Hi friend! I am just stopping by to say hello. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year! I am sure that there are some amazing things in store for you this year. 🙂