Color Palette #51 :: Vintage Winter Photos

Aren’t these lovely? They are vintage photos from the Library of Congress (who happens to be on Flickr – who knew?).

I found them by looking through the Commons, the area of Flickr which houses an archive of public photos. Back in 2008, Flickr partnered with the Library of Congress to create the Commons, and it’s really fascinating to me to flip through and see photos from all around the world, and from decades (and sometimes almost a century) past.

Taking into consideration the season (and the fact that Texas rarely sees snow, so I can romanticize it a little), I picked out a few winter-y favorites. They remind me a little of vintage Christmas cards with idyllic scenes, how about you?

To read more about the Commons and its mission, click here.


6 Responses to Color Palette #51 :: Vintage Winter Photos

  1. I've become a little obsessed with the Commons – I had so much fun flipping through, I'm glad you all liked these!