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There’s a project making the rounds in the blogverse. A little idea with a big purpose, and it’s called the 1000 Crane Mission.

Started by Sandy, the goal is to create little origami cranes with a single word to spark thinking… then leave them in public places for people to find. It’s such an intriguing idea that when Sandy emailed me, I had to ask her an interview. There’s such a sense of giving with it – not just time and energy, but an honest attempt to bring a little joy into a stranger’s life just because. Giving just to give sounds so fine, don’t you think?

Tell the world a little about you. Who’s Sandy? 

I work full time and go to graduate school part time. I definitely keeps me busy on most days but it’s important for me to do some things I enjoy as well. I love to read, bake, spend time with friends and family, and go on as many “adventures” as I can.

Why 1000 Cranes? What made you decide to embark on this project?

I was inspired by the true story Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. Sadako was a child living in Hiroshima at the time of the bombings during WWII. She developed leukemia from the radiation that she was exposed to during the bombing. According to Japanese folklore, anyone who folded 1000 paper cranes (which are a symbol of peace), is to be granted one wish. Sadako’s wish was to be healthy. Sadly, she passed away before she made it to her 1000 crane goal. Sadako’s friends and family folded the remaining cranes so that she could be buried with them. I was both saddened and moved by this story. So I decided to take on a crane folding project with a bit of a twist – adding positive words on them and leaving them for people to find.

When did this project start? How much longer do you anticipate it taking?

The project started at the end of July. I’m currently at 124 cranes placed, so if I keep at the current pace, it would probably “end” around July-August of 2012.

Is it ever hard to let your cranes go?

Occasionally it is hard to let a crane go. I always want to make sure it’s found so that someone may enjoy it but that’s not always the case and sometimes isn’t completely possible.

What’s your favorite word/crane you’ve released so far?

I try not to play crane favorites but… I think my favorite crane to date is savor (103), due to the response of the finder. She had just gotten back from a deployment in Iraq and was seeing her family for the first time in over a year in Washington, D.C. She found the crane in the Natural History Museum down there. A lot of the words, papers, and places I’ve released cranes have all been pretty awesome. I’ve been doing a lot more traveling since starting the project, which has been awesome.

You’ve invited people to help you. What’s the farthest place so far that a crane has been released?

Well, as of right now, I’ve only JUST invited people to start helping, so I’ve only had 1 email back about a crane placement in Texas. I’ve had a number of people tell me they are in the process of getting their stuff together to make their own placement. So I look forward to hearing about more stories from my wonderful readers.

What’s your ultimate goal with 1000 Cranes? What message do you want people to take away from it?

I am trying to spread a bit of peace and happiness in a small way. I am hoping that the paper cranes will help people to realize that it doesn’t take a huge act to make a difference in the lives of people. Even smaller acts of kindness, such as a crane, can make a significant impact.

What’s next, after 1000 Cranes are done?

After this project, I have a couple ideas floating around in my head. But with the amount of time I have left before I reach 1000 cranes, I’ve got a lot of time to work out any of the kinks.

If making 1000 cranes gets you a wish, what would you wish for?

When it comes to wishes, those that are told won’t come true! [Fair enough!]

Many thanks to Sandy for taking time for an interview! If you’d like to help, visit Sandy’s blog, 1000 Crane Mission, for more information. I’m still trying to get the hang of origami myself (I need to find a better tutorial), but I was so inspired that I made up some little crane ornaments that I can hang up now for today’s freebie!

There are four different ones – two with two of my favorite words, and two that are blank for your own personalization. The measure roughly 2.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall when cut, and you can download it here.

Terms of Use
You are free to use these gift tags however you like. I ask that you please not sell either the file or the printed card, or claim credit. If you’d like to mention this freebie or my Freebie Week on your blog, I’d love it, and would appreciate if you would direct people here to download. Thanks so much!

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