How Color Influences My Work

This week, the fabulous members of Etsy’s Best Kept Secret Team are diving in and talking about how color influences their work. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, because color has such a heavy influence on not only my work, but how I see the world. Everything is tints and shades and tones. I’ve been known to wander off to follow a dash of color I saw in a store, or stare at a plate of food and contemplate the colors on it.

So, how does color influence my work? The fastest answer is also the simplest: totally and completely. It’s the first thing I see, the first thing I respond to, the first thing I reach for. It seems like everything I do is tied to it; even when I’m thinking of technique or method or line, I’m also working out how and where I can use color. If you take away shape or a particular material, and leave me only color, I’d be happy. Like when I tried my hand at metalsmithing back in college – I was okay at it, but the part I liked best (surprise, surprise) was playing with the colorful stones. So, I cut out everything else but the beads, and really found my comfort zone.

Where do I get color inspiration? Pretty much everywhere. Like I said in my interview with Jess, if given enough time, I can find color inspiration in anything. The order that the clothes in my closet hang on a given day, a pretty picture, the paint aisle at the hardware store, the view out my window… I’ve said it before, it’s just a matter of looking around. Here are a few examples of my color inspirations:

Unlikely sources, probably, but almost every piece I make has a story like that. Some aren’t so interesting; sometimes it’s just a matter of what feels right as a piece comes together. Sometimes, it’s a color I’m digging at the moment. But color definitely influences my work, because my work is all about the color.

To see how color affects the other members of the team, check out their individual posts below!

5 Responses to How Color Influences My Work

  1. You are definitely my color hero and an inspiration goddess! I love the way you see something like a purple dress next to a white sweater and use that. Brilliant!

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I have Fiestaware dishes, one in nearly every color they make, and I'm often inspired as I take them out of the dishwasher to see which dishes were randomly placed side by side.

  3. Brandi, we must have been separated at birth! Everything you said is me too! One of my most precious acquisitions is a folder a local paint store gave me which contains their ENTIRE range of color samples!LOL

  4. Erin, things like that totally help when I'm "stuck", you know?

    Cindy, how fun is THAT? Talk about new color combos. I feel the need to get some colorful dishes now…

    Catherine, yes! I'd love a paint chip folder, too!

  5. OK now I want to go out and buy a whole bunch of fiestaware! This is so inspiring Brandi. You are so intune with color.