Color Palette Blog Walk :: Inspired by fashion

Photo from here, via Pinterest

Photo from here, via Pinterest

Apparently, I’ve got a thing for colorful tights. But since most of my clothes are pretty neutral (think black or gray – shocking, I know), tights would be an easy way to add some color. Hmm…. it seems like We Love Colors has me pretty much covered on the colored tights area.

What about you? Would you wear colored tights?

9 Responses to Color Palette Blog Walk :: Inspired by fashion

  1. Love these photos! Those tights are awesome. The color palettes you came up with are so gorgeous – perfect. I love the difference in the bright palette to the softer palette. I would definitely wear colored tights, especially if I had such cute shoes or clogs to show off.

  2. I love colored tights… just never quite went with my Army greens and I fell out of the habit. 😀

    I suspect this kid will bring back my girlie side…

  3. I am so loving your palettes. And you find the most intriguing photos to put them on. It is like your palettes are little tights on the legs of these pictures too! I really wish I had the time to play with this with you!

  4. Ah, I love it! So pretty. Those are great photos!

    (Found you from Blogging Your Way! Love your blog, I'm adding it to my GoogleReader!)

  5. Hi! I found your blog via Blogging Your Way and I love it! Definitely different than any other blog I've seen. See you in class 😉

  6. Love. Love. Found you through 'life through the lens' and am following you now. Love your color palettes and going now to read your etsy info-I've got a shop and need all the help I can get!